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  • HMI creation

    Depending on our customers' requirements, we are comfortable creating the Human Media Interface or adopting our customers'. Either way, the relationship is expected to be as close, or independent, as the customer wishes. Flexible HMI's working across different platforms can be designed to suit the most demanding of customers, allowing a robust software platform that can easily be modified and upgraded for future use.
  • EMC / ESD

    With new technologies becoming the norm in the cockpit area of the car (RF, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi) the EMC /ESD has an enormous impact on the design of any new product. The facility in Newbury, UK has the experience to design circuitry at the start of a project so as not to impact on any of the infotainment components available.
  • Connecting systems

    With the current requirements of Infotainment, a battery-powered unit has limitations. TW has supplied both battery-powered units and units that dock and communicate with the infotainment systems of the vehicle. Understanding CAN and MOST systems is critical in the design of a hand-held connecting unit, so that it can communicate effectively with the system yet not interfere with a complex array of safety equipment.
  • Software development

    From its knowledge of the Consumer market, (Home Media Theatre products in particular), the R&D departments have an unrivalled software knowledge that they can bring to new horizons within the Automotive field. The ability to react fast in the demanding area of the final development, is a known requirement that we are proud of.
  • CAD

    No mechanical design can develop without skilled operators for 3D CAD. Ohsung have their own team of designers based mainly on Pro-Engineer software but are also familiar with Catia software. The team in the UK are also specialists in the proving of designs prior to release to the customer - giving that secure feeling of capturing all known problems.

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